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Your Sage system is in safe hands with CPiO. A strategic partner of Sage we strive to deliver the best level of service possible.

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Sage Business Partner

The importance of choosing the right Sage Business Partner

Choosing the right Sage Business Partner to advise, implement, train and support you is very important. Your business partner is the link between the software author and maximising your return on the investment you’ve made.

Here at CPiO we take our relationship with Sage very seriously. We have been at the forefront of the Sage Business Partner channel since Sage purchased Tetra plc in 1999 and initiated a rebranding exercise. CPiO is a strategic partner to Sage UK and still holds one of the largest contract customer bases in the UK today.

But what does that mean to you in reality?

Well it means that our relationship to Sage as a Sage Business Partner is very valuable and we have a wealth of experience to support Sage in its product development and customer management. It also means that Sage approaches CPiO and its customer base regularly to do a health check on its software, the needs of your business in the future, software pricing and service levels.

CPiO’s customers are contacted by Sage on an annual basis to perform a satisfaction survey, against which Sage judge the effectiveness of its partners; this is invaluable to CPiO as it strives to improve performance. And though Sage, as a sales organisation, likes to judge its clients on licence sales, we prefer to judge our success on service levels.

Your end user licence agreement is with the software author, but we believe that the real value of your contract lies in the support that you receive from us. We strive to ensure that your software is working hard in your business, that your staff are well trained and can be as efficient as possible in the software usage and when you need help you can pick up the phone and we will be there for you and your business.

And our client reviews speak volumes.


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