All or nothing: the changing face of deployment

All or nothing: the changing face of deployment

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All or nothing: the changing face of deployment

In years gone by it was only corporates that used to outsource their IT and house it in data centres. It was an “all or nothing” world dominated by big players like Capita and Cap Gemini who didn’t get out of bed for less than £1m and tied a client up in a contract for 3 or 5 years. There was no option for the average business to even contemplate. There was no option to just outsource your CRM software or your ERP software.

However, for the last decade with the introduction of SaaS and the availability of broadband, hosting has become available to the masses regardless of size or business type. We have moved from the outsourcing of your entire IT infrastructure to having the choice of accessing business applications from a hosting provider without running them locally. In other words, a managed service that takes the shape that you need.

In truth, there are still some price ‘obstacles’ for the very small business that operates from one server and has no internal IT person. However, they are not insurmountable for the forward-thinking business. That business would still get a huge increase in performance and productivity. They would also get the added benefits of always being on the latest platform and software version, thereby reducing risk, reducing ongoing costs and providing them with a state of the art technology on which to thrive. And it is portable.

Access to technology to run their business from anywhere, at any time – It doesn’t get more powerful than that.

The choice to manage IT or run IT is key to any business now. And the Sage user is quickly catching on to the smarter way of running applications.


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