Are you afraid of CRM Software?

Are you afraid of CRM Software?

Katie discusses common misconceptions of CRM and reduces the fear factor.

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Are you afraid of CRM Software?

The Halloween season may be upon us, however there’s no need to fear the world of CRM.

Despite the majority of businesses knowing that “CRM” is Customer Relationship Management, a huge number claim to not truly understand what it is.

No longer is CRM solely a relationship management tool.  CRM is an enterprise wide application, beneficial in one way or another to all employees across a business, offering a comprehensive view of customer, prospect and supplier information.

So what are organisations afraid of?

  • Waving goodbye to the trusty Excel Spread sheet?
  • Failing to see a return on investment?
  • Sales people having no time to update CRM when out on the road?
  • A standard CRM system being too rigid to meet the individual business requirements?

Ok, let’s quash those fears

Spread sheets are not the most efficient way of storing information.  Replacing multiple spread sheets with one single source of information via a CRM system is a sure-fire way to improve business performance. With around 1 in 5 businesses suffering financial loss as a result of errors in spread sheets and 88% containing mistakes the cost of not having a CRM system in place can be significant.

CRM doesn’t restrict sales people.  Far from it! Granted, for CRM to prove a success with each and every user, across an entire business the system has to be efficient and easy to use, accessible and technically available. Mobile CRM offers precisely this.  It enables sales people to spend more time with clients and less time in the office.

And it’s not just the sales team who will benefit.  Engineering and services staff as well as highly mobile senior management can all access essential information while on the road. It empowers every employee with immediate access to information, anywhere, any time.

CPiO customer ATEC Security currently uses Sage CRM to track opportunities and as a full case management solution to measure progress against target response and fix times.

Discussing Sage CRM, Paul Welbourn, Southern Service and Support Coordinator at ATEC Security say’s “The software allows everyone to store customer information in one place, which can then be seen by all departments. This means that our customer service levels remain high and enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. CRM can also record response and fixed times for jobs as they are logged and carried out, which helps employees meet their KPI targets. Ultimately, all these services help to improve business efficiencies and customer services levels.”

So the truth is, there’s no such thing as rigid CRM!  A CRM system truly can be adapted to fit the needs of any organisation’s individual needs.

Knowing, understanding and responding quickly to the customer is an essential aspect of business.  Companies who ditch the spread sheets and invest in CRM are well placed to take on and out perform the competition. Why not read more about how CRM can help you out compete your rivals in CPiO’s ebook – Beat the elite.

And remember – in the world of CRM, there really is nothing to be afraid of!

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Katie Mansell

Marketing Executive, CPiO Limited


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