If you trade internationally, now is the time to re-evaluate how you handle tax management in your organisation.

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Tax automation for all businesses of all sizes.

CPiO has joined forces with the world’s leading tax software specialist, Avalara, to deliver a robust, compliant business management solution for any organisation that trades internationally.

No matter your size, if you are trading outside of the UK you will be eligible for the filing of tax returns and compliance with an array of different rules and regulations. In our combined experience many organisations are either unaware of the complexity, thereby running the risk of audit and fines or they spend significant time and money in managing this through specialist accountants. Whichever way you look at it, tax is taxing.

Avalara, when combined with Sage business management software offers a compelling solution for the global business. CPiO, as a partner to both solutions has created a wealth of information designed to help you navigate the pitfalls of tax, no matter where you are trading.

Managing US sales tax is bad for your health

Businesses in Europe are well-versed in dealing with transactional taxes in for the form of VAT, but US Sales Tax is a different prospect entirely. With over 12,000 taxing jurisdictions across 45 states, each able to alter rates and rules with little warning, there is massive complexity for the UK business and fines are prevalent.

Companies need to collect sales tax if they are deemed to hold NEXUS in a particular state. NEXUS is a connection or business presence in a state or jurisdiction and can be applied by having a store, franchise or presence on Amazon, employ staff directly or via an agency, even attend a tradeshow in that state.

CPiO recognises that organisations currently trading or those wishing to expand into the US face massive costs in ensuring compliance. We’ve joined forces with Avalara to extend the remit of our existing Sage solutions in Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 to offer full support and compliance to your business.

Read the guide here: Avalara – US Sales Tax Overview

Getting VAT wrong can be expensive

Value Added Tax (VAT) management has long been a source of complexity and exposure for many organisations. Managing the idiosyncrasies of international tax can result in employing a bank of tax specialists or paying through the nose for specialist support from your accountant. But it is essential – non-compliance can result in nasty fines.

VAT rates and thresholds vary considerably around the world and yet in a recent study conducted by Avalara over 80% of companies admitted to relying on Excel to manage their VAT reporting, leading to huge spreadsheets and massive complexity.

CPiO wants to simplify that. With our range of robust business management solutions, combined with the expertise of Avalara, we can now offer you a solution that will transform your tax management and let you get on with successfully running your business.

Read the guide here: Avalara – Grown up VAT Automation

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