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Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

CPiO is a member of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Proud to hail from Birmingham, CPiO felt that the Chamber could offer us local support and advice. It also represented a great opportunity to network with other Midlands based organisations across a wide range of industries.

The Chamber of Commerce, established in 1813, works to connect, support and grow local businesses. Not only does it offer services such as venue hire, event management and HR advice, it provides marketing support, transportation guidance and even help with translation. As the backbone of the business community, The Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic platform for businesses to gain brand exposure and showcase products and services to businesses and key decision makers across Greater Birmingham.

Being part of the chamber of commerce allows CPIO to access local business news and gain information about potential customers. We can use their directory to target specific industries that we believe would benefit from a software solution. By engaging in an association like this, CPIO has developed a solid reputation and opened more doors to growth and success.

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