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Evie Hamar
9th March 2017

Whether we like it or not, the new general data protection regulation is coming our way. Designed to protect and empower data privacy in the EU, the new GDPR laws […]

Evie Hamar
1st March 2017

The latest research on the performance of email marketing shows continuing levels of audience engagement going into 2017. With 24/7 access to potential customers, it’s no wonder that companies are […]

Rebecca Bradley
8th November 2016

Many business leaders seek greater agility in their organisations. Your company’s ability to mobilise quickly and capitalise on emerging market trends is a must in modern business. But what makes […]

Evie Hamar
7th November 2016

Looking to gain a clearer picture of your business? Sage CRM is a feature rich, customer management tool that allows information to be shared across the entire organisation. It can […]

14th June 2016

There are many reasons to invest in CRM software, but are organisations focusing on the right ones? LinkedIn and Twitter integration or anytime, anywhere access via mobile sound great, but […]

Craig Buck
9th February 2016

Craig Buck discusses why the CRM wheel has turned; all singing and dancing CRM solutions invariably fail to pay the piper.

Adele Steer
1st February 2016

In an era of cloud computing and consumer style mobile apps, the role of the software supplier is changing. Indeed, many cloud based providers offer very limited support services on the basis that software is highly intuitive and easy to adopt.

Jackie Green
26th January 2016

Credit Control “The creditor hath a better memory than the debtors.” James Howell. It’s all about getting paid as soon possible and to do that you need to have procedures in place.

Adele Steer
25th January 2016

New technology innovation can transform business performance. CPiO talked to Edgetech UK to understand the best approach.

Adele Steer
19th January 2016

Few companies bucked the trend of the long recession and managed to achieve double digit growth throughout. Even fewer are within the manufacturing sector. So what has made Edgetech UK stand out?

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