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Paintbox Limited drive forward with software development success

After a thorough review of the Sage market place Paintbox decided to move support of its Sage enterprise software to leading Sage Partner CPiO.

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Paintbox Limited


“We met with CPiO and immediately felt that they understood the demands on our business. The particular consultant involved clearly demonstrated a vast experience of the automotive industry and could handle our manufacturing and logistical needs”, comments Steve Thomas, IT Manager at Paintbox. He continues, “Customer demands were becoming more and more complex, many of which fell outside of the standard software functionality we had in Sage and our Magma EDI package. On sharing these complexities with the consultants at CPiO, they suggested developing a number of simple software solutions that could be designed from the ground up to meet the needs and help secure our future trading position. We initially worked on an automated works order completion routine using hand held devices. Such was the success that it threw up a number of other development opportunities.”

Paintbox needed to respond to changing EDI requirements from its largest customer Land Rover to ensure its continued custom. The company produce a range of Land Rover parts based on projected demand and then supply these parts on a specific call off demand routine. CPiO worked with the Paintbox technical team to develop a solution to supplement the existing EDI communication between Paintbox and Land Rover.

Land Rover introduced the use of a unique vehicle reference number into an 8 day forecast schedule. This unique reference would then be referred to in a daily Land Rover broadcast for picking and shipping. CPiO was tasked with creating a routine that could manage the unique referencing by Landrover, independently of the Sage enterprise system. This software development automatically recognises the arrival of a new broadcast from Land Rover and links it to the data provided in the 8 day forecast. The lookup identifies the right part number associated to the unique reference and passes this information to the shop floor handheld device for picking. Furthermore, the Paintbox development has been designed to support the bar-coding and labelling requirements of Land Rover.

“CPiO’s software development team has allowed us to respond to the demands of our largest customer. It has made an onerous request on us seem simple to comply to, and Land Rover are very impressed with how responsive Paintbox can be to their requirements”, comments Steve Thomas.

Paintbox are also avid users of the range of pre-developed software routines from CPiO that can easily be adapted to speed up labour intensive tasks such as stock & bills data entry. Paintbox use the CPiO QuikImport tool to manage large volumes of transactional data, making the process of stocktaking pain free.

CPiO’s most recent development with Paintbox has been to allow their handheld devices to capture backflush receipt data remotely and to automatically update stock tables.

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