Scientific & Chemical Supplies – Sage ERP 1000 Case Study

Scientific & Chemical Supplies find a winning formula with Sage 1000

Scientific & Chemical Supplies found that as they grew, its current IT systems no longer met requirements. The company now had a need for a more sophisticated IT environment which provided them with a single, holistic view of the business. This would enable it to cut costs and improve efficiencies but more importantly to manage their customers better.

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Scientific & Chemical Supplies – Sage ERP 1000 Case Study


The company had set itself a 10% growth objective with the cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers as one area of focus to help achieve the target. Scientific & Chemical Supplies already used Sage Line 500 for its back office requirements and ACT! software to help manage its customer relations but had stretched the systems as far as possible.


CPiO quickly recognised that Scientific & Chemical Supplies’ requirement for a single business solution, combined with its long term growth plans made it ideally suited for Sage 1000. Sage 1000 was Sage’s brand new flagship product and had been developed by CPiO before its adoption by Sage. Its combination of a fully integrated system held on a single database would enable Scientific & Chemical Supplies to manage all aspects of its complex operations through one IT system. CPiO demonstrated to Scientific & Chemical Supplies how it would be able to manage all elements of its extensive support service empowering both remote and office-based customer service staff whilst also enabling back office management through the same solution. CPiO also showed how Sage 1000 would give Scientific & Chemical Supplies access to previously unavailable, yet critical data. This would enable the company to dramatically mprove its business processes through the deployment of dynamic dashboards and reporting tools which would facilitate the management of its entire business. CPiO worked closely with Scientific & Chemical Supplies throughout the implementation process ensuring the project ran to schedule and any disruption to the business was kept to a minimum. “Today, Scientific & Chemical Supplies has a single business solution that spans its entire organisation and provides 360° visibility of its operations. Sales staff out in the field and customer service teams in the office can now share key information on customers, whether it’s a quotation request, order or complaint. Meanwhile they can also access customer orders and order information for the first time giving a totally holistic view of the status of any customer at any point.” Explains Philip Palser. Scientific & Chemical Supplies looked to Sage 1000 to help it manage growth. Now dashboards provide critical sales and key performance indicator information to all who need it. For example, territory managers or other key staff can view their territory to see at a glance how it is performing against budget or view their latest orders on a day to day basis. Sage 1000 enables Scientific & Chemical Supplies to meet the needs of its customers and gain competitive advantage. Customers are benefiting from improved customer service as employees now have access to all their details, enabling a fast, efficient service. This has improved customer retention and will drive down costs as efficiencies continue to increase throughout the company.

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