CPiO raises a glass to brewery business boom | CPiO
CPiO raises a glass to brewery business boom

CPiO raises a glass to brewery business boom

A Midlands brewery is celebrating after winning a competition with Sainsbury’s which, with the help of its highly intuitive software solution, could take the business to the next level.

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CPiO raises a glass to brewery business boom

Bird’s Brewery, based at Ladybird Barn in Bromsgrove, recently won the West Midlands regional award in Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt 2012 competition with its ale ‘Amnesia’. Amnesia – a light coloured ale – was selected for the competition after the brewery identified its best-selling product using customer data collated through its Sage ERP 1000 and Sage CRM system, supplied by Birmingham-based business solutions provider CPiO. The ale was selected following a taste test by Sainsbury’s shoppers and will be sold in selected stores across the West Midlands over a 26-week trial period from mid-August to February 2013. Stephen Hammond, Finance Director at Bird’s Brewery, says, “The Sainsbury’s win is a big deal for us. We are a small brewery but the potential growth for the business is huge. An initial order of 1,200 bottles will be stocked in stores across Birmingham and North Worcester. We will then operate on a supply and demand basis.” He adds, “Sage ERP 1000 and Sage CRM shows us which beers are selling well and at what time of year it is most popular. This information helped us to select Amnesia as we know light ales sell better than dark during the spring, when the competition took place.” “We can also use the Sage CRM software to record what customers have bought from us, how often and any feedback they have given on the ales and our service. This data is then used in marketing campaigns to identify a target market for new ales.” “Sage ERP 1000 is instrumental for production planning, stock control and ordering materials, to ensure the business runs smoothly. The software allows us to check stock levels to ensure we have enough for current and future orders. This will prove vital as we grow the business as we don’t want to let Sainsbury’s or our existing clients down.” Phil Snowe, Sage ERP 1000 Consultant at CPiO, says, “Bird’s Brewery has been using Sage ERP 1000 for the past five years after upgrading from Sage Line 500. As well as recording customer data and improving business efficiencies, the software has helped the brewery to identify an award-winning ale that could potentially take the business to the next level. The brewery could grow tenfold in the next few months but Steven and the team can rest assured that Sage ERP 1000 will keep their systems running smoothly – leaving them to concentrate on the quality of the beer and making the most of this exciting opportunity.” Established in summer 2009, Bird’s Brewery is part of Ladybird Group Limited – a group comprising Ladybird Cranes, Bird’s Brewery and the Ladybird Inns. The company currently employs three people, but also receives support from the Ladybird Group’s administration and finance departments. The brewery currently produces five ales and is in the process of opening a shop at Ladybird Barn, Bromsgrove. For more information, visit www.birdsbrewery.co.uk

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