CPIO supports the new cloud-based Sage 200 Software

CPIO supports the new cloud-based Sage 200 Software

Sage has released its first cloud-based solution: Sage 200 Online. CPIO is excited to announce, in partnership with Sage, its launch on the 27th June 2013 after a year of beta testing programmes.

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CPIO supports the new cloud-based Sage 200 Software

The cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution will offer tangible benefits for companies with a distributed workforce or where a business is reliant on a mobile team. Sage 200 Online can be accessed by any web browser where Sage 200 can only run off an in-house server. This is set to give the provider further flexibility and functionality for customers.

Junior Hewitt, Sage 200 Consultant at CPIO, says: “Sage 200 Online gives businesses the power to run their business from anywhere at any time. Powerful and flexible IT systems are the future and the Sage user is quickly catching up with the smarter way of running applications.”

Sage 200 Online presents the user with more options on how to access, use and pay for the software. The new developments will allow businesses to run a pay as you go option and requires minimal in-house maintenance, freeing up IT resource.

Junior adds: “The new Sage 200 cloud option takes the hassle of Sage 200 maintenance out of the users hands. Where the security of Sage 200 on premise was solely down to the customer to take care of and back up, all business data within the recently developed Sage 200 Online solution is held in a highly secure European certified data centre.”

Sage has put the SMB ERP solution onto a Web platform that will automate a customers’ subscription cycle and system management. Sage Cloud will be able to handle and interact with tens of thousands of users and will be accessible via a range of mobile devices and tablets.

Junior concludes, “Sage 200 Online has the potential to transform business operations for all, whether you’re after a sole application or the full benefit of the Internet’s flexibility.”

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CPIO is a leading IT service provider based in the Midlands. Working very closely with Sage, CPIO provides financial management, customer relation management, business intelligence and e-commerce solutions to businesses across many industry sectors.

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