CPiO’s top tips for avoiding the Cryptolocker virus

CPiO’s top tips for avoiding the Cryptolocker virus

Following the announcement over the weekend that digital police from around the world, including the FBI, the UK’s National Crime Agency and Europol, have seized temporary control of two computer networks that have been causing havoc across the globe.

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CPiO’s top tips for avoiding the Cryptolocker virus

GameOverZeus and Cryptolocker are two very distinct malwares that have been used to steal bank details and lock hard drives, thereby ransoming information contained within them.
The UK’s National Crime Agency has told British victims that they have a two week window to better protect themselves whilst the various law enforcement agencies have some degree of control.

So what does that really mean to the average user or the average business?

Joel Campbell from CPiO’s Technical Solution team comments “No business wants to be in the position where sensitive or critical business information is being stolen or held ransom by criminals. There are some simple things that can help that we advise all of our clients such as ensuring that PC’s are up to date AND making sure that users understand the risks – these will undoubtedly help to reduce the risk of infection. Unfortunately, a virus can sometimes still get past so don’t forget to keep a well maintained backup system.”

Getsafeonline gives great advice on tools to help prevent this sort of attack. We’d certainly suggest the following:

  • Install security updates and antivirus updates
  • Beware of phishing emails, fraudsters pose as banks and other trusted companies to obtain personal details or persuade a user to click a download link.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Only download from known trusted sites.
  • Ensure you have an up to date backup of all business critical information to an off-network location so if the worst was to happen no data is lost.

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Read the National Crime Agency article here for more information.

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