Ecommerce – what’s all the fuss?


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Ecommerce – what’s all the fuss?

For many business to business (B2B) companies ecommerce is a whole new world. But it is a big, wide world with huge growth potential. With this in mind, businesses shouldn’t be scared of taking the leap to online.

So what is all the fuss about and why do B2B organisations need ecommerce?

Online trading will undoubtedly increase revenue. Up-selling and cross-selling and introducing new items to existing clients is an easy win. And reaching out to prospective customers is much easier if they can find you and your products, rather then you searching for them.

24/7 online ordering will significantly lower all operational costs associated with order taking IF you choose a solution that really works with your back office software. By acting fast and loose with integration between your ecommerce solution and order processing software, you will undoubtedly need to rekey data and run the risk of more mistakes; thereby counteracting any benefits you gained in the first place. Get integration right and you have just increased your revenue without adding staff overheads.

Online ordering makes doing business with your company straightforward and convenient. From a consumers perspective, how often do you buy online? Given the option of trawling shops, searching one store to the next, the vast majority of us will much prefer to search online from the comfort of our own sofa, make a purchase at the click of a button and wait for our goods to come to us. So why would your customers think any differently?

Then there is of course the frustration we all experience when a website gives no product details, prices or availability. Personally, in this situation, I switch to another site that does offer this information, taking my business elsewhere. How many of your customers could be doing the same?

Over the last decade the web has drastically changed the world of B2B business. Today more and more B2B companies are searching the Internet for a better deal. B2B ecommerce increases your online presence, resulting in improved search engine rankings and, ultimately, enabling potential customers to find you more easily.

In short the benefits of B2B ecommerce are clear. It is by far the simplest way to expand your business reach, cut operation costs and increase revenue.

So ask yourself now, “why are we not trading online”? Can’t think why? Then maybe you need to be.

Katie Jones
Customer Communications

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