Effective Account Management at CPiO

Effective Account Management at CPiO

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Effective Account Management at CPiO

Through speaking with Sage users over the past 12 months, in my opinion it’s clear that what’s crucial for a Business Partner to consistently deliver is “effective account management”.

I view differing styles in effectively managing accounts and this very much lies in the way that the customer wants to be handled. Some accounts require regular contact through phone calls, email and site visits to establish and maintain a good relationship and to ensure they get the most out of their system. Alternatively, the exact same end result can be achieved with customers that like to be left to handle their projects internally, but are safe in the fact that their support company and account manager are only a call away.

“Manage the account the way they want to be handled” is very much the ethos I have picked up since joining CPiO and learning from the team here. I believe this to be a key factor as to why we have an extremely good level of customer satisfaction, which is further exemplified by our positive customer retention rate.

Whether a hands on or distant approach, the nature of your relationship is no co-incidence. It is predetermined by you, the customer.

Rebecca Bradley

Marketing Director

Customer Success

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