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Eureka Solutions

Addons for Sage 200, customised and tailored to your exact specification, from the UK’s leading Sage developers.

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Eureka Solutions

Eureka Solutions has created a large library of addon products designed to enhance your Sage 200 system. With a team of specialist software consultants, Eureka assess’s how your business processes can be strengthened by bespoke products that compliment Sage 200. The solutions are intended to help you meet the demands of the ever growing customer, as well as improve efficiency and optimise your departments and warehouses.

Trusted by more than 1000 businesses, Eureka offers over 150 highly successful, out of the box solutions for Sage 200 covering areas such as: wholesale, retail, telesales and eCommerce integration.  By working closely with Eureka we can offer our customers a range of complementary solutions such as:

Plus pack for Sage 200

A collection of 75+ addons for Sage 200 including features such as,  a control panel for easy integration, stock code, retail stock transfers via a transit location and the ability to save, allocate, dispatch and invoice sales orders all in one go. Click here to find out more.

Data exchange for Sage 200 

Data Exchange integrates Sage 200 with 3rd party applications allowing data to be imported and exported between the two. It ensures that data is consistent and accurate throughout your whole business. Click here to find out more.

Web sales order for Sage 200 

Create sales orders in Sage 200 via a web interface. Users can enter sales orders into Sage 200 simultaneously and check stock on the move, allowing an integrated communication platform for all departments of your business. Click here to find out more.

Web purchase order for Sage 200 

Multiple concurrent users can enter purchase orders into Sage 200 in real time. This module is ideal for companies that have many users who enter purchase orders, but don’t need access to other areas of the Sage 200 system. Click here to find out more

CPiO has a great working relationship with Eureka, finding their work to be solid and trustworthy. We work closely with both Sage and any third party organisations to ensure that the solutions are valuable to our customers and are thoroughly tested.

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