Joining up business processes to drive productivity

Joining up business processes to drive productivity

Colin Wall, Telemarketing Executive discusses business processes which will drive productivity.

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Joining up business processes to drive productivity

Technology often appears to be expensive.  Shiny things from a shop, orders placed online or even expensive business systems sold by a flashy salesman with an even flashier car!  It’s often difficult to understand if you are getting a good deal or not.  It can seem expensive; but however expensive investing in technology seems, not investing can be more costly. The company that refuses to invest is being driven out of business by companies who look to the future, and drive down costs by reducing their overheads. The fact is, technology may be expensive, but people are an even more expensive asset. Increasing productivity by enabling staff to achieve more with better tools is going to save a fortune; paying for your staff’s time is probably your biggest expense.

Here at CPiO, we have a lot of technology that enables you to get more done with the same number of staff.  Imagine – a customer can place an order on your website, the order can be processed by computer, and the dispatch department can be told to send it out.  No re-keying of the order from website to the ordering system.  Maybe not a problem if you only sell ten items a day, but if you are selling thousands, automated selling can make a huge difference.

Your business to business customers may often have the convenience of ordering online, checking on delivery status etc. when they order from a larger company, but why shouldn’t they get that from you?

Your salesperson out on the road may be able to access customer records through a mobile CRM system, but does he still have to ring in to the office to place the orders?  Deal with paperwork to process orders? Have to deal with disputes of what was ordered vs what was delivered? Of course mistakes will happen if the chain of people processing an order is quite lengthy from customer to dispatcher in your warehouse, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a Sage ERP system, speak to us today about the business benefits you could gain by introducing ecommerce.   CPiO’s ecommerce product Intellisell is not just an out of the box standardised product, it can be tailored to your business to reduce the cost of processing orders, and reduce expensive mistakes.

Technology that brings savings, isn’t expensive, it’s investing in the future of your company.

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