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Sage 200 the natural upgrade path for Sage 50 users

The partnership between Advantage Services and CPiO means that together we can better serve your needs and help you to grow your software with your business. Do you need a system to manage more flexible or complex business processes and functionality?  Or are regularly experiencing issues with Sage 50? It may be time to look at Sage 200.


The benefits of upgrading to Sage 200 include:

  • Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) – free BI Module included enabling you to analyse trends and patterns within your business and understand why and how things happen.
  • Customer Relationship Management – helps you manage important relationships easily and intuitively.
  • Multiple Locations per Stock Item – allows for stock items to be stored in multiple locations.
  • Nominal Structure – the three tier nominal structure provides more analysis and flexibility for your nominal structure.
  • Batch & Serial Number Capability – enables you to easily track batch numbers and see who a batch has been sold to.
  • Picking Lists – provides details for the location and bin of a stock item making it quick and easy for staff to identify and locate exactly where the stock is.
  • Back to Back Ordering – automatically raises a purchase order from sales orders, saving time and making the ordering process much simpler.
  • Purchase Order Authorisation – all purchase orders are able to pass through a role based hierarchy before being authorised and processed.
  • Advanced Multiple Currency and Inter account transfers – the capability to calculate the conversion rate for the transaction.
  • Increased Accounting Periods – has up to 20 accounting periods and accounting periods can be open, closed and reopened including open or close periods for future financial years.
  • Alternative Supplier – allows you to create unlimited alternative suppliers for a stock item.
  • Customer & Supplier Order Priority – allows you to rate your customers and suppliers for order priority.


If you are looking for something larger to manage your operations, either solely in the UK or across the globe, Sage X3 is the ideal ERP solution for any medium to large organisation. With access to your data on mobile devices, Sage X3 allows you to go where your business takes you.


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