Infor CRM – SalesLogix revamped and re-badged

Infor CRM

Infor CRM's strength is that it is designed to fit seamlessly with any organisation's unique sales and customer interaction process, a management solution that allows you to acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships.

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Infor CRM – SalesLogix revamped and re-badged

Irrespective of department, Infor CRM is a true enterprise wide CRM application that can give EVERY employee access to a comprehensive view of customers, prospects and suppliers alike. The latest version, Infor CRM v8 very much focuses on ‘technology’ offering a greater deployment choice, thanks to a state-of-the-art Web client and the enhanced Infor CRM Mobile.

Whichever access method you choose, Web, Windows and/or Mobile, you get a system which is feature-rich and easy to use and access.  The customisation process has been further simplified making it straightforward to roll these customisations out across all three deployment options. The robust architecture means that Infor CRM is now even better placed to be integrated into your IT environment and support your future growth and expansion.

For Sales

Your sales team are able to automate workflow and pipeline management capabilities which allows them to progress sales opportunities quickly and efficiently.

For Marketing

Infor CRM supports your ability to plan, execute and measure the success of campaigns with invaluable tool for marketers.

For Customer Service

Infor CRM aids in making every customer interaction more informative and profitable as possible. It offers the best Outlook integration in the market today.

For Support

Resolution management and 24 x 7 self-service options for customers.

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