Qlik Sense Key Features

Qlik Sense Key Features

Whether consuming, exploring and analysing, creating visualisations, or collaborating - Qlik Sense provides advanced capabilities that delight and empower everyone.

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Qlik Sense Key Features

Qlik Sense is a next-generation self-service data visualisation application that empowers everyone to easily create a range of flexible, interactive visualisations that drive exploration and discovery through intuition. Qlik Sense delivers broad value to everyone in the organisation, whether working individually, in teams, or globally.

Intuitive Exploration and Discovery

  • Exploration in Qlik Sense is unmatched. Ask questions anywhere using simple, natural interactions such as selection and search, without restrictions or boundaries. This empowers you to discover insights and blind spots across many data sources which would otherwise have been overlooked.
  • Global Smart Search allows you to search the entire data set using keywords to uncover insights and relationships, allowing you to gain immediate insight regardless of where the information is located.

Smart Visualisations

  • Qlik Sense delivers new, innovative techniques for conveying meaning in data, offering advanced summarization of information, intelligent use of colour gradients, and a responsive design that adapts information based on screen size.
  • Gain fully interactive visualisations allowing you to respond to changes in context from anywhere in the app.

User Driven Creation

  • No longer wait for reports or changes to analysis – simply drag and drop to create – without having to wire objects together or write complex SQL queries.
  • Gain centralized library of data, metrics and objects to facilitate sharing and re-use and promote consistency and accuracy.
  • Quickly load and combine your own data from multiple sources without the need for scripting.

Collaboration and Communication

  • The Centralised information hub offers streams of content for different topic areas or work-groups, allowing you to locate valuable content fast, or share relevant analysis for others to use, in an organised controlled manner.
  • Interactive Data Storytelling allows you to use analytics to create and present guided stories, rich with narrative and graphics, to communicate insights and facilitate discussion.
  • Direct, in-context to live analysis allows for immediate answers to follow-up questions that arise, reducing delays in decision making.

Anywhere, Anytime Mobility

  • Gain full capability on any device, including exploration, analysis, creation and collaboration allowing you to instantly solve problems anywhere and anytime they arise.

Customisation, Extension and Data Integration

  • Qlik Sense can be fully customised to meet unique business needs, offering a complete set of open and standard API’s for building rich analytic apps, embedding visualisations into existing solutions, and extending its functionality for new types of visualisations and objects.
  • The application offers robust data integration, allowing you to cleanse, transform and unify multiple disparate data sources without requiring external tools or data repositories.
  • Connect to and combine virtually any data source, including spreadsheets, databases, operational systems, ERP, and web sources.

Enterprise-Class Governance and Performance

  • Benefit from enterprise capabilities not seen in standalone visualisation tools, allowing you to offer the flexibility of self-service discovery without having to trade-off management, governance, security, or scalability.


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