QlikView Key Features

QlikView Key Features

QlikView offers Business Discovery capabilities that unlock the power of information for Software & License Management.

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QlikView Key Features

Taking all of the information from all of your existing sources, QlikView delivers it back in real time via interactive dashboards. It gives you the power to ask any question of your business and make collaborative decisions based on what is actually happening today.

QlikView – The Difference

  • From a single data point QlikView makes connections with other data points and brings them together in a meaningful way
  • Users can explore data from any point in the analysis in a dynamic, interactive interface
  • QlikView naturally searches for related and unrelated facts enabling users to see connections and disconnections or anomalies in data
  • Rapid deployment accelerates the move from prototyping to deployment to enhancement

The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

  • Has an inference engine that maintains the associations in the data automatically
  • Calculates aggregations on the fly, as needed, for a super-fast user experience
  • Compresses data down to 10% of its original size to optimize the power of the processors
  • Is deployed quickly and requires minimum maintenance
  • Neither users nor developers have to maintain the associations in the data, so organisations can move rapidly from prototyping to deployment to refinement

QlikView is an In-memory BI Pioneer

In-memory is important for performance, but it takes a lot more to deliver a Business Discovery platform. Traditional BI based on queries and cubes may run in memory for faster response time, but they still require IT to manually maintain the data associations users depend on

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