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Complementary solutions for Sage 200

CPiO works with leading Sage 200 development partners to extend and enhance your standard functionality, giving you even more support for your business.

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Sage 200 Add Ons

We recognise that as functionally-rich as Sage 200 is, it may not cover everything that your business needs. Sage has grown an extensive network of accredited Sage 200 development partners who work with Sage and CPiO to deliver even more functionality with Sage 200 Add-Ons. CPiO works closely with both Sage and any third party organisations to ensure that the solutions are valuable to our customers and are thoroughly tested.

CPiO also offers its own in-house development for Sage 200 to bring you specific support that is unique to your business.

If you are looking to extend the functionality of your Sage solution, then why not give us a call to discuss your particular needs on 0344 880 6140.


Eureka Addons




Trusted on more than 1000 sites, Eureka offers over 135 out of the box solutions for Sage 200. We have a great working relationship with Eureka finding their work to be solid and trustworthy. In working closely with Eureka we can offer a range of complementary solutions to our customers including the very popular:

  • Web Sales Orders – Want to create sales orders on the move? Web SO for Sage allows companies to access Sage 200 anytime and anywhere. The simple to use web interface permits multi-company access all in real time perfect for sales representatives out on the road.
  • Web Purchase Orders – Web PO gives businesses the ability to access and enter information on the move, perfect for companies who have more users who should be entering purchase orders than they have Sage 200 licences.
  • Plus Pack – Plus pack for Sage has been designed to improve Sage 200’s functionality. Containing over 75 add-ons it truly enhances the standard Sage 200 suite.
  • Data Exchange – Data Exchange integrates Sage 200 with 3rd party applications allowing data to be imported and exported between the two. It ensures that data is consistent and accurate throughout your whole business.


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Spindle Document Management

CPiO works alongside Draycir to deliver innovative time and cost saving solutions. From credit solutions to document management Draycir is trusted in a great number of CPiO customer sites.

  • Spindle Document Management– All your outgoing documents are sent to where they need to go, helping to streamline and enhance your processes. Incoming documents are captured and instantly accessible in Sage 200, reducing your workload and ensuring important documents are always to hand.Distribute outgoing documents – Send documents in batches, or individually, via email or to print for sending by post. Capture incoming documents – Scan and import documents straight into Sage 200.
  • Credit Hound – reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get paid by your customers through the streamlining of your credit control.





CPiO and Sicon work together to extend your Sage 200 functionality  and give you more from your investment with a number of their innovative complementary solutions.

  • Word Order Processing (WOP) –  Designed to provide enhanced functionality to the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module, Word Order Processing is an ideal addition for clients in manufacturing who need a simplified stock allocation and issuing process with the ability to be amended.
  • Fixed Assets – Installed and maintained within Sage 200 you can manage your fixed assets with this fully integrated asset management solution. This simple module links to the financial ledgers and month end processes incorporating list views and workspaces plus a host of standard Sage 200 reports.
  • Job Costing – Designed for Sage 200, job costing integrates with purchase ledger, SOP, POP, Stock, time recording and WOP. Providing solutions for clients in manufacturing, construction, software development and all types of contract management it is easy to learn and easy to use.



CPiO partners with Protean Software to offer its customers an accessible, reliable service management solution, to complement existing Sage software.Since the mid 1990’s, Protean Software has been helping companies involved in equipment supply, installation, maintenance and hire, to reduce paperwork, improve job rates and save money. Protean allows customers to manage their support contracts with less paper overheads and greater efficiency with a one click invoicing option. A 360 degree view of jobs means better productivity, lower stock rates and higher customer satisfaction. Managing your sales to order process, stock levels and cash collection means quicker time to pay with our customers end user clients. These business enhancing features are all backed up with experienced people to support , train and advise our clients in the UK , Ireland and mainland Europe.


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