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Sage 200 Demo

Sage 200 Demo

Sage has recently launched Sage 200 2015 - the biggest release since the product debut. Built based on feedback from existing customers, it has some great new accounting features and improvements.

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Product Features

  • New modern homepage, featuring a customisable desktop
  • Improved navigation via new menu system
  • Common favourites lists
  • Automatic form suggestions based on day of the week
  • Search for any text within a list using search list option
  • Gain a single graphical view of information with drill-downs of SOP and POP
  • Reporting utilises Excel functionality and contains pre-configured ‘slicers’ and filters to maximise analysis
  • Save graphs, pivot tables and formulas and re-run Excel reports with new data
  • Enter assets, input cost and select a depreciation method
  • Post depreciation at period end to calculate the P&L and balance sheet accurately
  • Process project costs to the WIP nominal code (Balance Sheet)
  • Costs are moved from the Balance Sheet to the P&L when revenues are posted to P&L

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