Sage 200 vs Sage 50

Weighing up the options to upgrade

Sage 50 is great for start-up businesses and suitable for companies with 1 to 50 employees. As your business starts to grow you may need the additional functionality available in Sage 200.

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Sage 200 vs Sage 50


Sage 200 is built upon industry standard relational database technology and is designed to deal with multiple transactions. It provides a number of benefits including scalability, security and improved data integration with other applications such as Microsoft Excel giving you control over how long you store the data for each customer, supplier and nominal account.

Sage 50 is recommended for a maximum of 6 concurrent users and uses a basic database limiting staff from performing multiple activities at the same time. Sage 200 however, has the latest Microsoft SQL Server which has been successfully tested with 50 concurrent users using the system at the same time.

Foreign currency transactions

Sage 50 handles multiple currencies using a basic method and one exchange rate can be defined for each foreign currency transaction. Sage 200 however, offers period exchange rates to link exchange rates to dates. This removes the need to manually change the rate on each transaction.

Business analysis

Accurate reports are paramount to any business. Sage 50 does not provide business analysis and neither does it report on customer trends or even address problems before they happen. Sage 200 includes Business Intelligence as standard which enables you to access data quickly providing you with greater reporting capabilities and analysis to help gain competitive advantage.

Month end

Sage 50 users may experience difficulty closing an account after month end. However, Sage 200 provides you with the flexibility to close or open accounts defining the length of each accounting period. This prevents users from entering information in the wrong accounting period.

Flexible pricing

Sage 50 restricts users from applying multiple discount schemes to customer groups. Sage 200 commercials module provides you with a complete pricing matrix, managing a range of discount schemes and price bands giving the flexibility to sell products in quantities to suit your different customers.

Read our blog Upgrade from Sage 50 and contact to discuss your potential upgrade and moving your data forward to Sage 200 with confidence.

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