Sage CRM for iPhone

iPhone APP for Sage CRM

February 2015 saw the release of Sage's updated iPhone app - Sage CRM for iPhone. It has lots of new features and enhancements based on feedback from existing users.

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Sage CRM for iPhone

Access Anytime and Anywhere

Sage CRM for iPhone enables mobile sales teams to work more efficiently when on the road, with access to real-time customer data, helping to manage your business relationships no matter where you are, even when you’re out of  your network coverage.

No matter where you are you will always have quick and reliable mobile access to your CRM customers, data, tasks and appointments. Native integration with the iPhone allows you to map appointments, track and log outbound calls, email and SMS activities.

With the ability to connect with your team via social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can engage with customers and prospects on the go, generating leads and building customer relationships.

Sage CRM features for iPhone:

  • The option to track and log outbound calls, emails and SMS activities with the Native iPhone integration
  • Offline access is available to people and opportunities
  • Appointments can be mapped using the native Apple app
  • Notes and images can be attached to contacts and opportunities
  • Read your history, favourites, opportunities and communications
  • Sage CRM Mobile’s click-to-dial feature prevents spending time keying in each contact. You can simply click onto a contact then dial

Included in the recent release:

  • Brand new interface
  • Custom fields for Person and Opportunity records
  • Improved Calendar
  • Create Sage CRM tasks and appointments
  • Choose to import an iPhone contact as a Company and Person or a Lead

For more information regarding Sage CRM for iPhone please contact Craig Buck.

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