Sage ERP 1000 Cost

Sage ERP 1000 Cost

Much loved and still a popular choice for the mid-sized business, Sage ERP 1000 continues to offer value for money.

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Sage ERP 1000 Cost

Sage ERP 1000 is still a very popular choice for mid-sized organisations. CPiO supports over 350 Sage ERP 1000 (or Sage Line 500 Enterprise) sites and talk to organisations every day about the ongoing support of their systems.

Following the launch of Sage ERP X3 into the UK we rarely sell a new Sage ERP 1000 solution into a site.  However, we can still look at taking over support of your existing system.

Support costs have stabilised over the last few years with many organisations looking to extend their solutions through bespoke development or complementary software.

The cost of supporting Sage ERP 1000 would depend upon the module you use and the number of users you have on the system. We can quote you and explain the breakdown of costs in relation to your site. Our policy on pricing; open, honest and value for money.

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