Qlik’s new product Qlik Sense is now available to download

Qlik has launched a new version of its next-generation data visualisation application; Qlik Sense Desktop, which is part of the Qlik family of products.

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Qlik Sense is more collaborative, faster and easier than ever and puts rapid analytics and the world’s first associative experience right on your desktop.  This application is available to download for free.
Qlik Sense Desktop allows you to share insights with those around you and it can create attractive apps with a modern interface. Businesses are now able to swiftly create reports and dashboards by a simple drag and drop feature.

The Qlik engine promptly responds to newly calculated metrics and updated associations that are across the whole app. Questions can be answered through a simple click, tap and search and findings can be shared with others using Sense Desktop user.

Read more information about Qlik here 

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