Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

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Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) solution, integrated with Sage ERP X3 and Sage ERP 1000, which helps business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and make faster, better-informed decisions.

As the amount of data your business collects continues to grow, it is more important than ever to find a way to both manage and make sense of it all. To gain that competitive edge, you need to find a way to convert all your data into tangible insight and opportunities.

SEI’s intuitive interface makes it easy to access enterprise information quickly and securely and eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialised skills. It is fast to deploy and uses technology that you already own.


ERP X3 Business Intelligence


The need for companies to have immediate access to critical business information has never been so important. With the right analytical tools and techniques, companies can produce substantial and actionable insights, leading to improved business outcomes across the organisation. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is the system that helps transform ERP transactional data into meaningful information, and distribute it to the business users that need relevant insights to ensure beneficial actions and decisions. In this way, SEI is specifically designed to address the widespread challenge of “information overload”.

Your benefits

  • Reduce time spent on business analysis and reporting.
  • Empower users to analyse and report on information in a self-sufficient manner.
  • Simplify and accelerate the distribution of information across your organisation, for coherent and better-informed decision making.

ERP and BI are the perfect combination for growing mid-sized enterprises.With reporting templates, data visualisation tools, and a fast data processing engine, BI becomes the perfect supplement to your ERP, leading to faster, more informed decisions.

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