Sage Releases New Sage 200 Software For 2013

Sage Releases New Sage 200 Software For 2013

The new Sage 200 2013 software was released 27th August 2013

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Sage Releases New Sage 200 Software For 2013

Sage 200 2013 is an integrated solution for growing businesses, allowing them to share and manage data more easily whether in house or on the move. The latest Sage software developments will improve customer’s choice and flexibility.

It now allows the user to pick and mix modules specifically tailored to individual business requirements. There is also the option to pay upfront or take out a monthly subscription; users will now pay for exactly what they use.

Sage 200 2013 also sees the introduction of the Sage Online Services portal; this can be used by Business Partners, customers and Sage themselves, allowing companies to manage their programs far more efficiently.

Sage 200 includes partner billing, provisioning, key analytics and diagnostics, this provides a better service and support to the customer.

Junior Hewitt, Sage 200 Consultant at CPIO, says, “The transition from list views to workspaces in Sage 200 2013 brings more functionality and options to one area within a particular module. This enables the users to do more from that one workspace as opposed to opening various other screens. Customers will now pay for what they need, adding and removing modules as they go along.”

“Furthermore, a company’s IT maintenance costs are reduced when using the software, as any server errors or security issues will be outsourced as soon as a problem is detected. This eliminates the need for in house expertise and training.”

Read more on Sage 200 here.

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