Scot Young Research implement Sage CRM at its UK office

Scot Young Research implement Sage CRM at its UK office

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Scot Young Research implement Sage CRM at its UK office

Scot Young Research (SYR) manufactures and distributes innovative cleaning products to some of the world’s leading quick service restaurants including McDonalds, KFC, Burger King in addition to supermarkets, hospitals, schools and universities from its five sites in the UK, mainland Europe, USA, Canada and China.

There was a need to bring the company into the 21st century when it was apparent that the sales representatives didn’t have valuable customer information to hand when visiting customer sites.  David Matty, SYR Group IT Director explains, “Our Reps all worked independently and there was no facility to share customer information, there were islands of information everywhere.  We wanted to bring everything together and to give the sales team customer information they can access while they’re on the road.”

David knew that Customer Relationship Management software would give the SYR staff the tools to provide its customers with a good all round service and improve customer care both in the office and on the road.  “CRM will marry everything up and bring all the customer information together in one place. The Reps will have more of an opportunity to upsell and cross sell products and increase sales. “

When David began the CRM project he considered many CRM systems but found some were too complex and needed costly development work.  Other systems were purely cloud based and their initial sales process let them down, giving them little or no confidence. Having considered their options, the project team opted to implement Sage CRM on premise with CPiO.  David was impressed with the approach by CPiO, “The consultants at CPiO took the time to understand our business and the thought process behind what we’re trying to achieve.”

Sage CRM stood out because of its flexibility.  David says, “We chose Sage because of the long term benefits, it’s easy to use, flexible, out of the box; we liked the interface, and the general look and feel was user friendly. Sales Reps can use it on their tablets, on the road and because it’s multi-national, in time we can roll it out to the US office.”

David continues, “We’ve gradually introduced Sage CRM to the Reps, given them a taster and organised light training sessions. Roger Cole, CPiO’s CRM Consultant imported some of the history from our ERP system, and they could see the benefits of being able to view sales history and spot trends.  They’re quickly recognising how they can use it to their advantage.”

The medical division at SYR were more familiar with CRM and had been using a basic bespoke CRM system; they needed very little training on Sage CRM and soon started using it to send out marketing emails to customers.

David concludes, “It is early days, and the Reps are only in the early stages of using Sage CRM, however some of them are already starting to use it on their iPad’s.  Ultimately, we’ll start looking at integration with our ERP system and a portal within CRM so that the Reps can do gap analysis to see why customers haven’t bought certain products.  We’ve also got some exciting new products about to be launched and CRM will help us push those.  Both Sales and Marketing will be sending out electronically generated emails from Sage CRM to the customer base, and hopefully bring in more orders! ”

CPiO, part of The Waterdale Group is a Strategic Partner of Sage UK, and one of the UK’s leading resellers of Sage mid-range software.

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