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On premise or in the cloud

Here at CPiO we believe in giving you viable, affordable options. Whether you choose to stick with a more traditional on-premise infrastructure or want to explore the cloud, CPiO can present the numerous different choices, suggest the optimal solution and introduce you to a client who has already made that same choice.

Enhanced on premise solutions (virtualisation)

Hardware virtualisation enables multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine as virtual machines allowing you to consolidate workloads across multiple under-utilised server machines onto a smaller number of servers. Fewer physical servers can lead to reduced business overhead through lower hardware, energy and management costs

Our virtualisation solution offers business continuity features with real time replication – the ability to move a server from one physical machine to another in a matter of minutes if disaster strikes. In a normal environment loss of failure of a physical server can cause massive business disruption. Virtualisation dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in an organisation.

System health monitoring

BY taking a proactive approach to your IT systems you can optimise usage, predict where your business may experience pinch points, identify stability or integrity issues and save your business from inevitable downtime. The CPiO technical services team can monitor and quickly identify where you may require a change in policy, hardware or where you can create more efficiency in your current setup.

Server hardware

As an advanced business partner of IBM we are able to specify, provide and implement a wide range of server solutions to suit any need and budget, from small file and print servers to complex data warehouse or blade technology servers. Because IBM has the unique benefit of its vast experience in the manufacture of both hardware and software for businesses large and small, it designs its servers using technology that is so secure it will protect all your essential services against power and hardware failure.


Increased use of cloud computing means your business may be more dependent than ever on its fast connection. Although broadband is widely available from many sources at a reasonable price, business connection require a greater service level and a technical understanding of the specific business systems and needs of each situation.

Internet security

By partnering with leading Internet security brands such as Watchguard , we can offer a superior level of security normally only associated with Internet Service Providers but without the complexity.

Our security design and services include the provision of a dedicated hardware firewall for the highest possible level of Internet protection and bandwidth management.

Web browsing

Managing the secure and efficient usage of the internet is vital to ensure the effectiveness and security of a business. Web browsing for staff can create a big issue both in terms of reputation and the loss of productivity due to staff misuse. WebSense provides easy and flexible reporting, manages risk and compliance as well as the containment of data leaks: protection for data everywhere by addressing difficult challenges across the entire threat lifecycle. Protect you staff don’t restrict them.

Anti-virus and spam

The threat to an organisation’s infrastructure is more prevalent than ever and with increasing levels of sophistication viruses can cripple a system for days. Spam email can be a drain on staff and the distribution of illegal or inappropriate content poses legal and commercial risks to every business. We can provide scalable cloud-based email anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-virus protection, providing enhanced content management delivering multi-layer protection with our cloud assisted technologies which can detect and block spam and virus threats before they impact on your business.

CPiO also favours Kaspersky solutions to offer a premium level of protection for your organisation, specifically to minimise localised threats from external disk mediums and rogue network devices.

Microsoft Exchange

As a Microsoft Partner and service provider we have the knowledge and experience to provide the full capabilities of the Microsoft Exchange product. We can provide a new email solution or we can optimise your existing Exchange investment helping you to achieve better business outcomes while controlling the cost of deployment, administration and compliance.

Network infrastructure

Modern IT networks require far more than simple deployment of servers. Whether your business is on a single site or accesses multiple locations, the configuration of your network needs serious and appropriate consideration. Networks designed with a high level of initial consideration can avoid the problems of bottlenecks, points of failure or under-utilised hardware.

Technical consultancy

Our technical consultants can work with you to help you overcome the IT challenges you face. This technical consultancy approach allows us to gain full insight into your IT environment and your requirements so we can offer you the best possible advice. CPiO also offers a number of technical support packages giving you reassurance when you need it most and the ability to call on our experts to extend your in house teams.



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