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High quality customer support is what this business was founded upon. Every single employee seeks exceptional customer service and our dedicated support hotline team personifies our ethos.

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Sage Help & Support Services UK

CPiO is available to ensure that the client’s business objectives are achieved, implemented features and functions are understood, and users are properly trained. Our first line of support is our experienced telephone support hotline team, available from 8am until 6pm 5 days a week. This experienced, dedicated support team does not employ call loggers; all calls are directly answered by a trained consultant who will quickly log your issue and begin their investigation.

The team aims to help and resolve your issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Where this can’t be done on the first call we will continue to work on this issue, updating you on progress until it is resolved and you are happy to close that support log.

With comprehensive escalation procedures should they be needed, we back less than 2% of our support calls into Sage.

In a study conducted by CPiO within its own customer base in November 2014, 91.02% of customers surveyed stated that their overall satisfaction with our services was rated between 8-10 (where 10 is completely satisfied).

If you would like to discuss the support of your Sage system moving forward or for existing clients wishing to contact our CPiO hotline support please call directly on 0344 880 6155.

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