Social Media in the business world

Social Media in the business world

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Social Media in the business world

Our consumer experience is now dominated by social media technology. We don’t search for things now, we Google them. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. You can upload a picture and within minutes, million of people from all corners of the world can have access to those images and can interact with and comment on them. We can follow our favourite performers on Twitter, find out as soon as they are next touring and from the same screen, click a link to purchase tickets.

Social media allows us to interact with others and share information at incredible speeds on a global scale. It would be madness not to harness this power in the ways we do business. If you have a CRM ethos within your organisation, then you should be utilising a CRM package that integrates with Social Media technologies so that you can collaborate. So how does that work?

Social CRM sees customer –specific Twitter embedded in your CRM dashboards so that you can access live updates about that company as they are releasing it. This instant awareness of your customer’s actions will allow you to be ahead of the game, service that customer better and reap the long term financial rewards from higher customer satisfaction.

Knowledge is power, so have Linked-in profiles hyperlinked to your contacts in your CRM system, so you have more information about the person you are talking to – vital in any business development or telesales environment.

Marketing benefit too – get more hits form your marketing campaigns by extending and linking to social media channels via your CRM system.

Embracing Social CRM as part of your overall CRM strategy and stay ahead of the game!

Craig Buck

Customer Success

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