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The Evolution of CRM

CRM.  Customer Relationship Management.  But what if that ‘C’ changed from ‘Customer’ to ‘Company-wide’?

CRM software is no longer just about managing customer relationships.  CRM is about managing all of your business relationships; from customers, prospects, suppliers, competitors and colleagues, and is a key tool for the efficient running of any business.

Sales, marketing and customer service may well be the key users.  However its potential spans much further.

Modern CRM software enables you to collate information which can be accessed by employees in different departments within your company; Finance can flag companies who have overdue invoices or are ‘on stop’;

Consultants and Project Managers can record progress updates and meeting notes; HR can record staff holiday and absences; Admin can schedule appointments and meetings; Staff can file expenses.

Furthermore, when CRM is combined with an ERP solution the benefits are even greater; increased productivity, improved business insight and a single, customer-centric business view.

Social CRM

Companies are constantly striving to find new ways of connecting with customers, prospects and employees.  The power of mobile, social media and eCommerce is constantly rising, as too is the need for effective management of these platforms.

By combining social media with CRM you can truly get to know your customers.  Following your customer will give you an insight into their current activities, find out their strengths and weaknesses and generally let you know what makes them tick.

Consider that you could gain greater business insight from customer profiles on Facebook within Sage CRM; you can view and manage Twitter feeds within Sage CRM. And what of driving employee productivity and knowledge exchange with collaboration powered by Yammer?  Plus, you can access customer information anywhere, anytime with mobile CRM.

If you simply see CRM as a sales and marketing tool you will never see its full potential.

By implementing a CRM solution and rolling it out across your business – in Sales & Marketing and HR to Customer Services and Accounts you will really start to see the power, profitability and full potential of a CRM System.

Are you starting to see past the basic capabilities CRM?

To discuss CRM and how it can benefit your business, call us on 0344 880 6140.

To discuss Sage CRM and how it can benefit your business, call us on 0344 880 6140.

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