What is the role of a software supplier in 2016?

What is the role of a software supplier in 2016?

Edgetech UK is convinced that trusted, local technical expertise is key

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What is the role of a software supplier in 2016?

In an era of cloud computing and consumer style mobile apps, the role of the software supplier is changing. Indeed, many cloud based providers offer very limited support services on the basis that software is highly intuitive and easy to adopt. But is that really good enough? How can companies ensure they are continually evolving and exploiting technology innovation to gain business value – and keeping up to date with legislative and regulatory change? Coventry based Edgetech UK is convinced that trusted, local technical expertise is key.

The challenge of keeping up to date with changing technology and its potential impact on the business is particularly pressing for Edgetech UK, which relies on its US head office for technical support; but it is a relevant issue for any growing business.  Is reading the IT press and attending user days enough? Or is there still a role for software suppliers – both developers and resellers?

John Stark, Works Manager, insists that Edgetech relies heavily on experts to ensure the company is fully utilising its software portfolio. He says, “We can have all the training to support day to day activity but there are always opportunities to expand and improve the way we use the software as the business evolves – and that is where a proactive supplier is invaluable.”

He insists Edgetech has learnt from the automotive industry which depends on the expertise of a multitude of niche suppliers to deliver innovation. John says, “That approach needs to be applied to IT as well – we know that it is incredibly important to have a supplier like CPiO into the company every six months or so to discuss new product features, the ways in which we are changing as a business and how technology could support that change.”

Dominic Moules, Financial Controller, adds, a close relationship with a local supplier can support a company like Edgetech in many ways, encompassing both regulatory change and technology. He explains, “The way VAT is applied to discounts has changed recently, for example, and it was CPiO that brought this to our attention and showed us how Sage 200 supports the change. This type of proactive relationship is really important and will help Edgetech to continually move forward and further exploit the value of Sage 200, such as with the use of Business Intelligence in the future.”

Adele Steer, Sage 200 Sales Consultant


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