Why your ERP will make you money

Why your ERP will make you money

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Why your ERP will make you money

Implementing a new business system can be hugely disruptive to a business, sometimes even impeding a business in the short term. Without a properly defined and managed project implementation business can suffer for seemingly little benefit.

But with technology moving at a rapid rate, what business can afford to sit stagnating on old, disparate systems, harming company turnover and profitability? A well implemented business system has the potential to unlock profit simply through better day to day management – not fancy marketing campaigns or aggressive sales.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and a properly implemented solution will give you exactly that; information to help plan your business strategies.

I am personally a big proponent of management accounts and the ability it gives the right people to make decisions about improving business. One thing that frustrates me is that accountants deliver a set off financials six months after a business has made a year on year loss and management is still surprised by what the reports reflect.

Any company that has this problem needs a properly implemented ERP solution which will allow you to notice dips and spikes in financial data long before it has an irreversible effect on the company.

The secret to this is simple. Read your reports daily, weekly and monthly and recognise your company’s heartbeat. If there is a fibrillation you will notice it! If you do not read your data daily you will not.

I admire a manager that knows the company’s heartbeat because it simply shows his knowledge of his responsibility to his staff and their livelihoods.

After the long introduction what am I getting at?

Choose your partner. And I do not use the word partner lightly.

  1.  Test their honesty. (Cheapest is not always best. I have had many prospects choose the opposition because they were cheaper. When the chips were down they returned to us to get the project implemented in its final stages, or worse, issues corrected after living with it for months.)
  2. Does your partner have a team who communicates and works together through every department? (Sales hands over to projects and implements what you wanted and then hands over to support. Will you have to explain your business to all 3 departments?) This is important as your solution should be flexible and grow with your company. I admire good sales people, but I really admire good teams behind good sales people.
  3. Realise that you will have to test your solution. Your business partner is there to guide you not do it for you. (This is the area where most implementations fail. The knowledge is no good in the project manager’s head. Each person must know their role and your staff must know that they are best at designing their part of an ERP solution.)
  4. Do not go live if you are not ready! (Make sure everyone knows how their system will help them perform their daily tasks even better.)

I’ve now been with CPiO for a little over eighteen months and the team here has been consistently commended in 4 areas:

Honesty – we do not quote light or make solutions fit where they don’t.

Quality of projects – the project manager is consistent and understands not only the solution, but the business and the staff and management’s needs.

Support – our support team are knowledgeable and effective.

Account management – your support continues beyond the implementation.

Finding the right partner to deliver and support your ERP solution is key to getting those daily, incremental benefits that make money.

Steven Kühn
Sage 200 Product Manager

Customer Success

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