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Headquartered in Cheshire, AD Aerospace is a pioneer and market leader in state-of-the-art aircraft video surveillance technology. The company has served the civil aircraft sector for over 20 years with solutions including flight deck entry, cabin and cargo surveillance, ground manoeuvring and in-flight entertainment systems.

The business was using a heavily customised Sage 1000 installation which it inherited from its former owners. The ongoing maintenance of Sage 1000, alongside a plethora of other business applications was proving increasingly difficult to manage. Under the new ownership this was quickly identified as no longer fit for purpose.

Sara Einollahi, Director of Finance and Operations at AD Aerospace, explains, “The incumbent software did not reflect our business model and the cost of reverse engineering was not an option. Additionally, to mitigate the issues in Sage 1000 we had around 25 additional applications in place to look after our supply and operational activities across 2 sites.”

Sara continues, “We knew we needed a financial system refresh, but the proposition from our Sage partner at the time didn’t hit the mark. I decided to research our options, looking for other software vendors but then, looking at alternative Sage Business Partners.”

Sara’s research led her to Sage Business Partner, CPiO. A telephone conversation with an experienced Sage 200 consultant, subsequent meeting and demonstration impressed Sara and the team. Sage was historically well liked and trusted by the finance team and with CPiO’s evident knowledge of the solution the decision was made to purchase Sage 200cloud.

Stephen Brown, Sage 200cloud Consultant at CPiO recounts the initial discussions. “Originally AD Aerospace approached us with a finance only requirement. The intention was to run an ERP solution with disparate manufacturing software. With no foresight given by the incumbent Sage partner as to how this would integrate with Sage 200, I felt that AD Aerospace would benefit from implementing just one solution rather than have to work and skill-up on two different pieces of software.”

CPiO’s expertise and experience within the manufacturing site and its in depth knowledge of both Sage 200cloud and the incumbent Sage 1000 solution enabled it to provide AD Aerospace with an end-to-end solution comprising Sage 200cloud Finance, Commercials, BoM, Manufacturing and the Eureka Plus Pack, all of which would prove to have a significantly lower total cost of ownership than the previously proposed standalone systems.

Sara concludes, “Dealing with CPiO is a breath of fresh air. The consultants really took the time to understand the business and our requirements, challenging our thinking and ultimately providing a complete system that fully meets our needs.”

For information on Sage 200cloud visit www.cpio.co.uk/product/sage-200cloud or to arrange a call with a Sage 200cloud consultant email [email protected].