Big Data, CPiO & You—A Strong Team For Sustained Growth


Big Data, CPiO & You—A Strong Team For Sustained Growth

As anyone with responsibility for growing their organisation knows, Big Data—the processing of massive amounts of data to uncover patterns, trends and insights—has been making a lot of Big Promises over the last few years. Peter Sondergaard, an executive vice president at data strategists Gartner, called it back in 2012, when he said “Information is …

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The Role of Security in Digital Transformation

As 85% of Financial Officers view security issues relating to digital transformation as having a large effect on their companies, and 55% of businesses already experiencing a cyber attack in 2019, it is more important than ever to ensure you have sufficient security measures in place. Why Security is important within Digital Transformation Expanded Attack …

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Skilling up Financial Officers

With change happening all around us, finance officers have to continuously grow their skills and attitudes to cope. Here are the top 4 skills that Financial Officers need to have. Skills for a Financial Officer Resilience The ever changing economic environment, paired with the increasing political uncertainty and rising levels of competition mean that financial …

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Preparing for Brexit & Whitepaper

With the Brexit deadline looming closer on March 29th, it is becoming more likely that there will be a no-deal scenario. Whilst the government do not want a ‘no-deal’ scenario, it is the outcome that could demand the most rapid business preparation, and it’s appropriate to prepare for a range of outcomes. Research by Sage …

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Increasing Productivity with Predictive Analytics

Whatever sector you work in, you should have a strategic plan in place that tells you where your business is going. How do you decide in which direction to steer the ship? You probably use historical trends, your own expertise and knowledge of your market and sector, and a certain amount of risk, to make …

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Sage 200cloud – Spring 2018 enhancements

Whilst the new Sage naming conventions settle in, Sage has released details of its latest set of enhancements for Sage 200cloud. The spring release, due at the end of April promises new features designed around three key themes: connected data, customer experience and simplicity. Key features include: Hiding Nominal and Cashbook – the ability to hide …

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Sage Announces New Naming Convention

With immediate effect, Sage 50c and Sage 200c will be known as Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud respectively on the Sage and CPiO websites together with associated product materials. The name will not be changed within each of the particular products, operations, legal etc. With effect from 7th March 2018, in the UK you will no …

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What is driving enterprises to the cloud?

John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” This is especially true for business IT, with many businesses that neglect newer technologies often facing internal process inefficiencies and competitive disadvantages. Cloud computing is one of these …

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Important information for Sage 200 2011 & 2013 R1 & R2 users

Each autumn a version of Sage 200 reaches it’s end of support journey and a new version enters extended support, this is standard industry practice for technology companies. We believe that using the latest software is the best way for you to run your business effectively, moving forwards. Sage 200 2013 – Enters extended support on …

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The latest enhancements to Sage 200c

Customer growth and success is at the centre of everything Sage does. Last week, the latest enhancements to Sage 200c were released with the aim to continue connecting departments and help streamline processes and drive growth. Key features include: Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium – connecting your office and your data, Office 365 works seamlessly with the …

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The Cloud in 2018 – how have things changed?

How did cloud computing first emerge? What uncertainty did it bring? Was it technical in the beginning? “A decade ago, the cloud was about delivering a managed service from the internet and demonstrating to customers the benefits of doing so. Many businesses doubted the reliability of the cloud and storing their data online, but not …

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An update on Kaspersky

The National Cyber Security Centre has just this week issued fresh warnings about the security risks of using Russian anti-virus software. Officials say the decision to warn people is based on a risk analysis, rather than evidence that espionage has taken place. However, these warnings have directly affected the likes of Kaspersky Labs, as Barclays …

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Are you ready for GDPR?

Whether we like it or not, the new general data protection regulation is coming our way. Designed to protect and empower data privacy in the EU, the new GDPR laws will come into force on 25th May 2018. You may be thinking “2018? That’s ages away, that doesn’t affect me, Why am I reading this?” …

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The latest version of Sage 200 is here..

The latest release of Sage 200 was released in August 2017 branded as Sage 200c (connected). Sage regularly seeks feedback from its community to develop features that are important to its clients to make their business processes and daily tasks even easier. We’re pleased to share with you the new features: Invoicing – New Invoicing functionality …

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Five top tips to improve your email marketing campaigns

The latest research on the performance of email marketing shows continuing levels of audience engagement going into 2017. With 24/7 access to potential customers, it’s no wonder that companies are still using this convenient, cost effective method to showcase their products and services. However, with 205 billion email messages sent globally every day, it is …

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WoolOvers Ltd wraps up the year with Sage X3 from CPiO

Founded in 1989, WoolOvers is a global supplier of all-natural knitwear with eight international websites and more than 120 employees. As a growing business, WoolOvers was experiencing performance issues with its existing Sage 50 system, which it relied upon heavily for the company’s financial management and reporting. Sage 50 was unable to cope with the …

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When software and data are in the cloud, Is local support still important?

For [email protected], a hosted, cloud based technology model has been a fundamental aspect of business growth over the past three years. But as Paul Dallimer, Managing Director, [email protected] explains, this approach is not about anonymous US vendors – local providers with local knowledge have never been more important. With a long background in ERP software …

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CPiO partners up with BI software provider, Panintelligence

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Business Intelligence software provider, Panintelligence. With their wide portfolio of BI solutions including the Panintelligence dashboard, we are now able to offer our customers enhanced reporting and analytics for Sage 200 and Sage CRM. A single reporting tool displays data from multiple sources in one place and is accessible on any device. The …

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IT Security: what you need to know to protect your organisation

With cybercrime on the rise, keeping your security strategy up to date is imperative to the protection of your organisation. And with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018 deadline looming, data security is now critical to legal compliance. Watch our webinar with our resident IT security expert, Nigel Crockford to learn: The changing landscape of …

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Key ingredients that enable a business to become consistently more agile

Many business leaders seek greater agility in their organisations. Your company’s ability to mobilise quickly and capitalise on emerging market trends is a must in modern business. But what makes an organisation more agile than another? Five characteristics of a modern, agile business Leadership is informed, empowered and confident  Agile organisations develop leaders that are …

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