Birmingham one of the happiest cities to live and work


The UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library has found that from a recent study, Birmingham is one of the happiest cities within the UK to live and work in. Nearly 60% of British people feel happy every day. These statistics were from a study of 2,000, working professionals.

The top 10 happiest cities in the UK have been recognised and are as follows:

  1. Brighton – 86.4 per cent
  2. Swansea – 75 per cent
  3. Glasgow – 70.6 per cent
  4. York – 66.7 per cent
  5. Lincoln – 63.2 per cent
  6. Belfast – 62.5 per cent
  7. Edinburgh – 62.5 per cent
  8. Birmingham – 61.3 per cent
  9. London – 61 per cent
  10. Manchester – 60 per cent

Birmingham is frequently referred to as the UK’s second city. It is constantly developing and thriving with fantastic employment opportunities which are being took up by hard working and eager people. Lee Biggins, founder and chief executive of CV-Library  quoted, “A huge range of factors can contribute to our happiness levels. Feeling good in ourselves makes it easier to achieve our goals, whether that’s in our personal or professional lives.”

Original post by Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce on 12th July 2019