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Sage and a panel of experts from trade, accountancy and government offer the latest on Brexit and how Sage can help address the pain points.

Host: Leo Haigh, Sage UK


Adam Prince, VP Product Management, Compliance and Brexit

Glenn Collins, Head of Technical Advisory and Policy, ACCA UK

James Smallbone, Deputy Director VAT Fraud & Transition Readiness, HMRC

Alex Vince, Deputy lead on NI Stakeholder Engagement, Customs and Border Design

Nicola Hetherington, Senior Policy Adviser CBI, Confederation of British Industry

On the agenda

  • VAT Update
    • Leaving the EU VAT Regime
    • Postponed VAT and changes between NI, GB, Europe
    • New eCommerce measures coming in alongside Brexit (different)
    • Supplementary returns EC sales list and intrastate
    • MOSS reporting
    • NI implications – knowns and unknowns/ trader support
  • Data – Clarity on contracts/terms – can we process European data in the UK (any outsourcing or supplier/customers in Europe)
  • Customs (import & export clearance) – labelling/certificates
  • People (right to work)
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