When your organisation is renewing any business software, a business process review should be conducted. Whilst the review can be passed off as a waste of time and effort, a thorough business process review is critical to the smooth implementation of a new system.

This blog looks at what a business process review is, why they are needed and how to conduct one.

What is a business process review?

A business process review (BPR) is an examination of the company, its technology, people, and processes, conducted to help identify ways to make the company more efficient and effective.

Why do I need a BPR?

Before you set out to implement new software, if you have a specific business issue you are looking to overcome or an objective to meet, a BPR is essential. It will allow you to align processes, define your goals and objectives, and collaboratively strategize as a team to move forward with a solution that will help you achieve your business mission and see a healthy ROI.

You want your new software to be impactful as soon as possible. To achieve this, your business process review needs to be a well thought out, solid document. It should clearly outline your goals, objectives, and priorities to your implementation partner.

How do I conduct a BPR?

Before you begin the BPR, company-wide buy-in is a must. The organisation as a whole must be ready and willing to change and honesty surrounding what the current limitations are is essential.

Once you have set the tone and got the agreement from stakeholders to fully participate the BPR can begin.

Your partner will want to know specific details such as timescales, priorities, project drivers, possible software integrations, etc. These should all be conveyed in your BPR.

Support from CPiO

CPiO’s new eBook, 7 Practical Steps to Non-Profit Finance Transformation, is the perfect guide for organisations planning to implement new financial software.

Business process reviews are covered, along with the other key steps of a business software implementation project.

Once you have defined the software you will move forward with, CPiO can help with your business process review. Contact us to discuss the software you have selected, and we can help you get started.

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