Essential Fleet Services – Sage CRM case study

Essential Fleet Services looked at two specific CRM systems before selecting the Sage CRM solution from CPiO.

Essential Fleet Services looked at two specific CRM systems before selecting the Sage CRM solution from CPiO.

Essential Fleet Services required a comprehensive internal system that could handle the businesses rising demands. “As our business continued to grow, it became increasingly important for us to store all of our client information in one central source.” Comments Lee Coulson, Marketing Manager, Essential Fleet Services.

Prior to selecting the new Sage CRM system client information was collated on separate spreadsheets and handwritten documents. While the client base grew so too did the level of inconsistent data, threatening the excellent customer service delivered by Essential Fleet Services. Coulson continues, “Having so much information stored in a variety of different places was extremely difficult to manage, and from a marketing perspective was a complete nightmare.”

Essential Fleet Services assessed the marketplace and looked very closely at two specific CRM systems before selecting the Sage CRM solution from CPiO. Coulson explains, “As we already have the Sage Line 500 system supplied by CPiO, we decided to choose a Sage CRM solution, also from CPiO, which would integrate well with our existing system. Upon speaking with CPiO, it soon became clear that the new CRM system could also help us solve a number of other problems, specifically tracking customer and client communications and providing us with a live sales pipeline.” One of the key drivers to Essential Fleet Services final decision was the great service previously delivered by CPiO. Furthermore, with CPiO supplying and managing the hardware that the Sage Line 500 software sits on, the Sage CRM solution could be easily integrated onto the same machine. This enables CPiO to support the hardware completely, alleviating Essential Fleet Services from the responsibility of managing it and freeing up staff to concentrate on other key tasks.

CPiO worked together with Essential Fleet Services to tailor the Sage system to suit their needs including an essential function to keep track of upcoming contracts for tender. Coulson explains, “Many of our prospects only renew their contracts every 10 years so it is important that we are able to log on to an internal report and generate information on prospective clients quickly. CPiO is able to tailor elements of the Sage system so that nothing drops off the radar, meaning our sales pipeline is now tracked through real-time reporting.” Coulson continues, “The support that we have received from CPiO has been fantastic at all levels, from initial discussions as to what we needed and required, through to implementation and staff training. As we had no CRM system previously in place, we had no frame of reference on which to base our requirements. The CPiO staff that initially came in were excellent and did a superb job of understanding our needs and helping us to clarify what our needs were. I have also been particularly impressed with the ongoing support we have received from individuals at CPiO along with the IT support desk.”

Coulson confirms, “The system is clear, simple and so intuitive that I am able to train new starters how to use it in less than 20 minutes! It has also been very simple for us to tweak the system to fit our specific needs and we have certainly achieved what we intended with the installation. All our customer data is in one place, which has made communicating with customers far easier as customer contact details used to be stored in a variety of locations. The paper trail for all of our clients can now be tracked through the Sage system and our level of organisation has certainly improved, ensuring better customer service.”

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