CPiO COVID-19 Update


CPiO’s offices at Fort Dunlop remain closed with all staff continuing to offer a full and uninterrupted service from home.

Following the most recent COVID-19 update and the lifting of some restrictions, CPiO has conducted a full risk assessment of its Fort Dunlop facility. We have put in place a number of safety and social distancing measures to allow some employees to return to the office in the future when it is safe to do so. This includes strict social distancing arrangements in public or shared spaces, limited desk usage and increased hygiene with cleaning stations provided around the office. However, CPiO’s policy remains in line with the Government’s directive and we continue to operate remotely.

Our increased use of Microsoft Teams has been invaluable to our productivity. As with so many organisations, Teams has enabled us to collaborate and communicate far more effectively from all around the UK and with our partners across Europe.

If you haven’t yet considered your long term remote working solution then we encourage you to look at Teams.

Why not contact us for a no obligation demonstration of the power of Microsoft Teams, something that we at CPiO have no problem testifying to.

We will continue to share further COVID-19 update information as and when necessary.