Manufacturers are moving to ‘just in case’ scenarios

During volatile times, distributors face increasing challenges in supply chain visibility now, more so than ever before. And with recent disruption fueled by major global events, traceability has become a key concern for those in distribution.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Suez Canal incident have pushed manufacturers to move from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ scenarios, which for distributors means they must rapidly accommodate their customer’s requests at the last minute. Download the free eBook by the IDC and Sage to find out how you can enhance your customer experiences with end-to-end traceability.

stats from the IDC report showing percentages and numbers

What will this eBook help you with?

  • Understanding what traceability is, and its different types
  • The benefits of prioritising traceability for your business
  • The role technology plays in ensuring traceability
  • Actions to consider if you want to improve your business’ traceability initiatives

Another factor added to the pressures is the omnichannel trend, with competition rising from customers now being able to purchase products from various channels. To be the most successful wholesaler and stand out with end-to-end traceability capabilities, take a look at the free eBook. It will help you on your way to delivering superior customer experiences.

CPiO can help your Distribution journey

CPiO, is a leading Sage business partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the distribution world. So we can support your business with solutions that can help you with full traceability into each stage of the supply chain. Sage X3 is most suited to companies with complex, global operations. You can track and trace any item from beginning to end, resulting in fewer recalls and quality issues.

What about smaller to mid-sized businesses? Well, Sage 200 offers end-to-end product traceability with functions to ensure safety and compliance, including audit trails for documentation and reporting purposes.

Want to learn more? Contact our expert Sage 200 Professional and Sage X3 team to discuss this further.

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