IT to Meet Manufacturing Needs


Growth in manufacturing leads Delta Impact Limited to adopt new software

Delta Impact (part of the Rebound Technology Group), based in Newbury Berkshire has further developed its long term partnership with Sage UK strategic partner CPiO by working together to implement its new Sage Business Cloud: Enterprise Management software.

A manufacturing solutions provider, Delta has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Due to demand in recent years, Delta has increased the amount of outsource manufacturing. The business has seen rapid expansion and six months into the year it has already exceeded is predicted turnover for 2018.

It became clear that Sage 1000 couldn’t manage the changing needs of the business. Julian Smith, Documentation and Business Systems Manager explains, “The business is a different shape from when we implemented Sage 1000 ten years ago and we tried to find work arounds to handle the manufacturing side”.

Delta considered upgrading its Sage 1000 system. However, having discussed the upgrade with CPiO, it decided that instead of configuring the system to meet the changing business needs, long-term it would be better to transition to Sage’s Enterprise Management software. Julian explains, “We have an established relationship with CPiO who have supported our Sage system for many years, it was clear that the team wanted to really help us maximise our business prospects and its ongoing operations”.

Sage’s Enterprise Management software will allow Delta to control all its core business processes, including sub-contract manufacturing as it has a fully integrated MRP module. Being able to effectively manage the company’s global operations and suppliers from one platform has become pivotal as the company now has premises in the UK and Asia. “Enterprise Management is much closer to what we need in the business.  It has so much functionality that’s already there and out of the box that just needs to be configured. We’ll get to where we want to be more quickly with Enterprise Management”, explained Julian.

Having built up a global supplier network, one of Delta’s USPs is its buying power and the size and range of the parts it stocks. The Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) module will aid its planning and purchasing, managing stock levels and reducing working capital. “We can clearly see options where we can potentially shave as much as a quarter off the value of the stock and continue to meet our customer’s needs.”

Since working with CPiO on the Enterprise Management project, the team at Delta has valued the expertise of its consultants. “The global finance team has been blown away by the particular knowledge of one of CPiO’s consultants. It’s the first time the team has worked with anyone from an IT company who has actually worked in a finance office and can talk to them in their language about day to day problems and accounts activity. They ask a question and get a direct answer straight back.”

The electronics industry moves at a very fast pace and Delta is confident that Enterprise Management will support its global operation and realise a quick return on its investment. Julian concludes, “We’ll be able to hire people to meet business demands rather than hiring for system support operators.”