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Key ingredients that enable a business to become consistently more agile

Many business leaders seek greater agility in their organisations. Your company’s ability to mobilise quickly and capitalise on emerging market trends is a must in modern business. But what makes an organisation more agile than another? Five characteristics of a modern, agile business Leadership is informed, empowered and confident  Agile organisations develop leaders that are …

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Five features of Sage CRM that can improve visibility of your business

Sage CRM can help to improve levels of communication with colleagues, suppliers and customers, making your organisation more efficient. So read on to find out five features of Sage CRM that can improve the view of your entire business. Mobile Functionality Sage CRM can be accessed via any web connected device, from smartphone, tablet or laptop. This means …

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8 common concerns before hosting

When considering whether to implement your Sage 200, Sage 1000 or Sage ERP X3 in a hosted environment there are many question and concerns. Concern #1: I am worried about my Internet connection failing It’s very achievable today to put in 2 diverse ADSL connections for less than £1500 x year with automatic failover. 3G …

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Keep CRM simple

A plea to keep CRM simple CRM has been through many phases in its lifecycle over the past decade. From its predominantly sales focused origins where it became a tool for managing pipeline and customer interactions, through to its all-encompassing CRM hub status more recently, CRM projects have typically been fraught with pitfalls and barriers that result …

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Five tips to build the case for CRM

When it comes to CRM, many of the benefits appear too intangible: Where is the return on investment (ROI)? What difference will the CRM investment make to the bottom line? What is the compelling event that CRM supports? Without a clear indication that CRM can deliver ROI, many companies will struggle to justify investment. The …

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What is the role of a software supplier in 2017?

In an era of cloud computing and consumer style mobile apps, the role of the software supplier is changing. Indeed, many cloud based providers offer very limited support services on the basis that software is highly intuitive and easy to adopt. But is that really good enough? How can companies ensure they are continually evolving …

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