New Release – Sage X3 Version 11


The release of Sage X3 Version v11 builds upon its strong functionality and technology and responds to feedback from existing users.  The new version release is a leap forward in functionality and connectivity, expanding the solution to support faster supply chain management, production management and financial management.

New in Production Management

Project Management – Manage all aspects of your projects, across financial distribution and/or manufacturing processes, from quoting, to planning material and resources, tracking costs and schedules, invoicing and analysing profits.

Production Scheduler – Optimise production cycles and control lead times with more flexible graphical production planning and scheduling capabilities.

Automated Bank Statements – Improve the efficiency of the financial process by automatically generating the transactions, matching open items or unbalanced operations when importing bank statements (MT940).

New in Supply Chain Management

eCommerce – Within days, you can build and customise a comprehensive web store to manage catalogues, pricing, inventory, customers and all transactions – all part of the Sage X3 core supply chain management processes.

CRM – Synchronise customer records between Salesforce CRM and Sage X3 and display customer orders in Salesforce, using the Salesforce and Sage X3 connector.

New in Financial Management

Financial Reporting – Easily design reports, with intuitive Excel-based reporting capabilities, integrated with Sage X3 financial management, and automate the running and distribution of reports to teams and individuals.

Other functional improvements include:

Production management – Enable shop floor tracking by team, available in Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

Supply Chain Management

  • Optimise container capacity for shipments.
  • Attach and track documents associated with receiving goods.
  • Easily customise steps to track during the receiving process.
  • Easily update costs associated with purchasing and view shipment cost totals.
  • Create complementary invoice from shipments.

Financial Management

  • Accelerate closing with real-time inter-company consolidation process at the right level of aggregation.
  • Accelerate currency conversion by running conversions in one run, at the balance sheet level (vs. transactional level).
  • Fast entry booking: accelerate journal AP/AR entries
  • Automate reminder campaigns based on amounts or intervals.
  • Enable blocking sales transactions based on credit rating.
  • Compliance updates for AU, FR, DE, PL, PT, ZA, ES, CH.

You can expand Sage X3 capabilities with new integrated solutions

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A powerful data warehouse tool for managing information effectively from any source, SDMA offers built in data models to simplify data migration and reporting.

Supply Chain Management: Sage Geode Version 11

Enhanced warehouse management functionality from Sage Geode helps move from basic, inventory control or radio frequency-based stock locator systems, to a truly configurable, rules-based warehouse management system.

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