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We offer an end to end service from inception to go live and beyond

CPiO recognises that a solution consists of more than just the software. Yes the software is pretty important, but how that software is applied, deployed, trained upon and supported is actually more crucial to the overall success of the project. As an established software support organisation, CPiO has implemented thousands of solutions over the last 30 years supporting a wide range of industries and territories. Our experience allows us to guide you every step of the way, helping you to navigate the selection, implementation and ongoing management of your new software solution.

How can we help you?

CPiO will appoint a Project Manager who will work closely with your designated internal Project Team to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The development of a realistic project plan is crucial to success and a project manager provides a focal point for deliverables and any project issues. Project Management goes beyond the administration behind the smooth scheduling of resources and tasks, but extends to the front line of risk management.

We always prefer our clients to appoint an internal Project Manager to ensure that client commitments are met, thorough testing is completed and user enquiries can all be collated and channelled through one individual back to CPiO’s Project Manager.

With CPiO you’re getting a team of specialists that understand how to optimise technical resource and can provide you advice and options to make improvements. We can help you with:

  • On premise or in the cloud solutions
  • Enhanced on premise solutions (virtualisation)
  • System health monitoring
  • Server hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Internet security
  • Web browsing
  • Anti-virus and spam
  • Patch management
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Data loss prevention
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Network infrastructure

In order to make the most of any system there must be an understanding of the underlying business requirements. This has to be linked with the ability to apply the necessary product knowledge and integration expertise. Business consultancy can cover many areas such as business process re-engineering, configuration of the software, integration to other applications and a post- implementation review to ensure continued improvements, to name but a few.

We have a team of highly experienced application consultants who either come from industry or have significant experience of implementing ERP into industry. Their job is to stay ahead of the latest techniques and to understand what good really looks like. Our technical consultants can offer a wealth of knowledge around core infrastructure, networks, connectivity, integration development, security and cloud solutions.

Training is an essential part of a successful IT project, whether it is a Sage application, utilisation of a new website or technical workshops with your IT team. CPiO offers many ‘flavours’ of training that can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation’s budget and skill level.

We often favour the ‘Train the Trainer’ approach. Appointed super users will receive full training in all aspects of the system from administrator level to user level. The super users will then be able to train the colleagues at user level. Rather than a standard training in the software, the super user will be able to provide a more tailored training, focusing on how the system will benefit the individual’s needs.

Whatever your style, CPiO is here to help you get the most from your solution and stretch that budget as far as possible.

Every single CPiO employee strives to deliver exceptional customer service and our dedicated support hotline team personifies this ethos.

CPiO is available to ensure that the client’s business objectives are achieved, implemented features and functions are understood, and users are properly trained. Our first line of support is our experienced telephone support hotline team, available from 8am until 6pm, 5 days a week. This experienced, dedicated support team does not employ call loggers; all calls are directly answered by a trained consultant who will quickly get to the heart of the issue and begin their resolution.

The team aims to help and resolve your issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Where this can’t be done on the first call we will continue to work on this issue, updating you on progress until it is resolved and you are happy to close that support log.

CPiO offers a range of development services designed to extend the reach of your software and support the unique needs of your business.

CPiO has over thirty years of experience in meeting customer expectations. We have a team of skilled business consultants that can sit down with you and identify gaps in functionality or in points within your organisation that could be solved by software. These ideas are brought back to the development team to scope and sign off a specification with you, ensuring that all parties understand the deliverables involved. And then we diligently build.

Good development requires creativity, structure and control to ensure that your specific business objectives are always met. Our team, plan, structure and document and we assign a project manager to this development to ensure that everything stays on track as it should, thus limiting the risk to your business.

Key Contacts
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Project Manager
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