Sage Inventory Advisor

Intuitive cloud based inventory management software

A secure cloud subscription model, Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) helps reduce out of stock items, excess inventory and working capital. It’s an affordable fast to implement solution that integrates with your Sage ERP to provide visibility of inventory levels and investment, produce quality forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations. Visual dashboards display overall inventory performance and provide early warning of items needing attention.

SIA helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers by efficiently automating inventory management, continuously monitoring stock levels and setting alerts to advise when to take action.

Why Sage Inventory Advisor?
  • Place orders quickly and save time on planning, forecasting and ordering.
  • Minimise stock outs to help retain customers and increase sales.
  • Reduce excess stock and release cash tied up in excess inventory.
  • Personalised dashboards enable quick access to performance measurement.
  • One click provides automatic inventory data collection for ideal order recommendations.
  • Fulfil the forecast demand on finished goods by ordering the right materials at the right time.
  • Affordable monthly pricing based on approximate inventory value.
  • A once-off cost to implement and monthly subscription pricing with no minimum term.
  • No licence fees, no yearly maintenance fees and no cost to upgrade.

Let's have a look at SIA.....

See how much more efficiently you could manage your inventory if you could continuously monitor levels and set alerts that let you know when you need to take action. Watch our short video to learn more.



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