Sage X3

Sage X3 enables you to grow your business without expanding your workforce.

A scalable, global business management system, Sage X3 has been designed to support industry specific processes across finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and customer relationship management. Sage X3 manages all areas of your business in one solution. Modules within the system are parameterised and can be enabled as the demands of the business grow; a solution for the future.


Key benefits of
Sage X3
  • Highly customisable to your unique processes
  • Access data in real time on any mobile device, so you can go anywhere your business takes you
  • Dashboards deliver real-time relevant data to each of your staff
  • Improved workflow allows you to quickly process a quote through to order which in turn boosts your customer satisfaction
  • Multi-legislation and multi-currency supports your global operations
  • Improved visibility across your supply chain to regulate your buying processes
  • Fully compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and GDPR legislation
  • Less complex, standard procedures lead to a reduction in your operating costs
  • One fully integrated system means ease of upgrade and low maintenance costs


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Sage X3 in the Cloud

Cloud is about choice and Sage X3 can be delivered on-premise, in the cloud or you may want to consider a hybrid environment where complementary solutions are managed by CPiO. These three separate options give you total flexibility over the deployment of your Sage X3 solution but the core functionality of X3 remains the same. At CPiO we can help you evaluate your options taking into consideration your strategic plans and the technical skills you have in-house.

Sage X3 software licences are bought upfront and you own the licences. The route of traditional software deployments,  Sage X3 is hosted at your site using your own hardware and infrastructure. A good level of in-house technical skills would be required to maintain and update the Sage X3 infrastructure.

In this instance, Sage X3 is deployed and managed by Sage Buisness Cloud: a secure, online cloud service. This provides you with total security, system back-ups and all updates are managed by Sage. The core functionality of Sage X3 is available through this option with the exception of add-on legislations, more complex manufacturing features and third party add-ons. The pay monthly pricing option and no capital outlay make it an attractive proposition for businesses that don’t want to make a lump sum investment.

This deployment option presents a hybrid ‘best of both worlds’ route. You are able to deploy the full suite of modules available in Sage X3 and take advantage of any complementary solutions competently managed by CPiO. Reliance on in house technical skills and hardware is reduced as Sage X3 is not hosted at your site, but in CPiO’s secure, cloud environment. Furthermore, you benefit from CPiO’s expertise to manage your software updates and back-ups and you can take advantage of a pay monthly plan. Find out more about CPiO Cloud Services

Support & Training

If you are an existing user of Sage X3, CPiO can help you get the most out of your investment. We are continuously recognised for delivering excellent customer service and support.  Having a breadth of experience on our support desk, we endeavor to resolve any issues quickly and accurately.

Our office based support consultants are available between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. All tickets raised by our customers are tracked and monitored. Users are able to see all inquiries raised and can print additional information for their records via our secure, dedicated support website.

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Complementary Solutions

Sage X3 has a breadth of functionality across all industry sectors and it is highly configurable to your unique business processes. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) and Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) are programmes which will extend the functionality of your X3 solution.

Furthermore, if you are making overseas tax payments, CPiO together with the expertise from Avalara can offer you a solution that will transform your tax management.

Whilst we encourage all of our clients to follow best practice implementation methodology, at CPiO, we can offer our own in-house development across all of the Sage Business Management Solutions and if necessary to bring you specific support if required.

An intuitive Business Intelligence solution, SEI integrated with Sage X3 can help reduce time spent on analysis and reporting, and help you make faster, better-informed decisions, addressing that ‘overwhelming volume of data’.

You will be empowered with this simple tool which will allow you to independently access and analyse your data. No need for disparate tools and specialised in-house skills.

The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with Sage X3 safeguards critical business information and provides you with a clear insight on real-time enterprise data. It supports logical decision-making and promotes continuous, cross functional improvement.

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution that helps you reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital. It can be implemented cost effectively in just hours and is highly secure using PGP data encryption and decryption.

Key Benefits of SIA

  • Reduces excess inventory by 10%-15% and improves inventory turns
  • Reduces working capital and frees up 15%-20% of cash tied into inventory
  • Improves fill rates by 2%-10% and eliminates stock-outs
  • Reduces time spent on forecasting by as much as 50%

No matter your size, if you are trading outside of the UK you will be eligible for the filing of tax returns and compliance with an array of different rules and regulations. In our combined experience many organisations are either unaware of the complexity, thereby run the risk of audit and fines or they spend significant time and money in managing this through specialist accountants. Whichever way you look at it, tax is taxing.

Trading with the US

With over 12,000 taxing jurisdictions across 45 states, each able to alter rates and rules with little warning, there is massive complexity for the UK business and fines are prevalent.

Companies need to collect sales tax if they are deemed to hold NEXUS in a particular state. NEXUS is a connection or business presence in a state or jurisdiction and can be applied by having a store, franchise or presence on Amazon, employ staff directly or via an agency, even attend a tradeshow in that particular state.

No reliance on expensive tax specialists

VAT rates and thresholds vary considerably around the world and yet, in a recent study conducted by Avalara over 80% of companies admitted to relying on Excel to manage their VAT reporting, leading to huge spreadsheets and massive complexity. Managing the idiosyncrasies of international tax can result in employing a bank of tax specialists or paying through the nose for specialist support from your accountant. But it is essential – non-compliance can result in nasty fines.