Improve your sales team's efficiency. Increase your sales team's effectiveness.

An award-winning sales performance software solution, designed with the user in mind, sales-i is used daily by manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, to help businesses gain better customer insights and make educated decisions.

sales-i equips everyone in your business with the information required to make well-informed decisions. Users have complete visibility of every customer account and product line so there’s no reliance on costly data analysts and removes the guesswork. Every employee in your business becomes self-sufficient and can answer their own questions quickly and easily.

Whilst sales-i generates sales information daily and automatically, it also gives you the ability to monitor your products sold, GP, value and costs for any chosen account. Tracking your customers and seeing clear, actionable information helps you make informed decisions about every business challenge, all in one neatly designed sales analytics tool.

sales-i gives you everything you need to smash your sales targets, all at the click of a button.

Features and Benefits

Data driven sales

  • Create your own marketing campaigns and have targeted sales which tailor to your business
  • Have private insights into the performance of your accounts, products, reps and branches
  • Make fact based, data driven decisions

Enhanced sales team success

  • Access your sales data anywhere, even without an internet connection
  • See the quantities sold, value, GP and cost for any of your accounts on the go
  • Be able to manage the activity of your accounts so you always know what’s going on in your business

Smashed sales targets

  • Track your performance against target for each rep, customer, product or branch
  • Monitor your customers typical behavior so you know the best times to call
  • Send your sales team out with the best understanding to increase the chances of securing a deal
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CPiO has partnered with sales-i to further enrich our product portfolio and offer customers the best possible options to enhance their core software solution.

“We are very excited about the strategic partnership with sales-i to complement our Sage offering.”

“Sage customers hold a wealth of information deep within their financial software solution. With sales-i, CPiO can now help Sage users extract the real value from that data, providing meaningful insight to drive up sales.”

“CPiO works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ business needs are fully met. By partnering with sales-i, we can offer our customers a state of the art data analysis tool to improve business insight, increase productivity and gain true competitive advantage.”

Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director at CPiO Limited

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