Our last blog, which focussed on Selecting the right financial management software for your non-profit organisation, discussed our recommended 6-step plan to follow when evaluating software.
If you are looking to replace your current financial software, once you have researched products and potentially come to a decision on what platform you would like to move forward with, the next step is finding an implementation partner.
As with the software itself, the number of partners to choose from is vast and can sometimes leave organisations confused before the search even truly begins.
So where should you start? 
The very best place to begin is with only partners certified and accredited in the sale, implementation and support of your chosen product. This goes without saying. Afterall you wouldn’t take your car to a garage where the mechanics were not qualified.
However, ask yourself this – would you take your car to a garage where the mechanics are qualified, but have no experience in working on your make or model of car? Probably not.
The same goes for selecting a software implementation partner. The company may be accredited in the product you’re interested in yet be unfamiliar with your particular industry. They may not understand your topology or the challenges you face.
It is important for you to work with a company who has proven experience in your world.
How to vet potential partners  
Similar to the process of selecting the software, there are questions we recommend you ask the prospective business partner. Question their ability to supply evidence of working with similar organisations; references; case studies, do they understand your specific objectives.
Our eBook, 7 Practical Steps to Non-Profit Finance Transformation, provides greater detail on how to choose an implementation partner.
The eBook is designed to help you make the right choice when looking for an implementation partner, for you to get the software of your choice installed, up and running, on time and to budget. Something CPiO prides itself on.
To talk to us about our software implementation processes or to find out if we have existing expertise in your field, contact us today.
Not ready to talk to a partner just yet? Why not watch our RSPCA video case study and get a feel for what we can offer.